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The issue was the Fox purchase that led to the demise of the film 'Gambit', According to Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is connected to Gambit by a tragic story. The mutant, who is among the most charismatic of the X-Men group, has endured a a bumpy journey in troubled Hollywood and has always been linked to the actor of the class departed.

For 10 years Tatum attempted to bring him back to life for a movie (either solo or as a supporting character) and then in the year 2019, Tatum decided to give up. He was devastated: "I turned off my Marvel machine. I've not been able to see any of the films, "he explained recently. "I loved the character, and he was so sad. The loss was similar to losing a close friend."

Every once in a while Tatum thinks about what transpired, and in Vanity Fair he has identified the main reason Gambit did not come to fruition. Magic Mike's Last Dance full move in the US Magic Mike's Last Dance with Steven Soderbergh directing, and as well as announcing that he is making an adaptation from Ghost Tatum, he has blamed the acquisition of Fox at the hands of Disney in 2019 that his spin-off of X-Men was canceled completely.

"It was canceled by Disney through Marvel when they purchased Fox," he says. "I think the tone of the movie that we wanted to have was very far from what they intended or, well that they may have in mind to watch how they will do in the absence of us."

"We dabble in it from time to time but we need to let it go emotionally, spiritually, and mentally," Tatum pledges. It all started when Tatum was set to appear as Gambit in X-Men: The Last Stand however Brett Ratner's team changed their minds at very last moment. The actor then missed another opportunity to play Gambit for X-Men Origins.

Wolverine three years later in 2009. The film was directed by Taylor Kitsch who replaced him in a film that was a total disaster for the critics which left the path clear for Tatum to continue trying to advance. His film. In the midst of back-to-back production chaos, Lea Seydoux and Lizzy Caplan were discovered for co-star roles.

While Gore Verbinski and Doug Liman could have directed, before they decided to quit the project. Disappointed, at the close of the decade Tatum proposed to 20th Century Fox to direct the film himself along with producer Reid Carolin, and it was at that point that the studio decided to pull the film It happened just two months after Disney purchased Fox. Tatum and Reid did indeed were able to collaborate as directors, in last year's film Dog. A wild ride. Now both have to let go of the Gambit film to be dead.

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